Liquid Dream III

Liquid Dream III 3.1

Liquid Dream III is a dream journal designed to wake you up in your dreams
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A dream journal designed to wake you up in your dreams.
To create a new dream, simply click on New and select Dream.
Then type a title for the dream and write down as many details as you can remember.
To generate a list of common dream signs / category items, click on Tools and then select Dream Sign Builder. This will chart the 10 most used words, which can be clicked on to either be ignored or added to a category.

The cycles are designed to be played on a computer within earshot of where you sleep. The trick is to keep changing the time when you start a file until you have a feel for when you will be dreaming. And the idea behind this is to trigger an effect in you dream, e.g.: lucidity. Just like an alarm clock will wake you up completely and a soft radio or television might bleed some content into a dream, cycles allow you to control this effect more precisely.

The Cycle Length field determines how long, in minutes, a sleep cycle should last. On average, the first few sleep cycles last 90 minutes and get shorter from then on. And the REM phase occurs at the end of a sleep cycle. This is, of course, different for each person and different again each day, depending on a number of variables.

Merlin is back, by popular demand. Merlin is a Microsoft Agent character that can be controlled through a sequence of actions and written dialogs that can be spoken through a TTS (Text To Speech) engine. The idea is to design a bunch or reality tests (e.g.: What did you do an hour ago?) and have Merlin play them throughout the day while you are working on your computer. Then, you should eventually dream of them and hopefully realize that something is different.

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